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  • AFLG & AFLCV Interchange Agreement

    AFL Goldfields and AFL Central Victoria have been working on the implementation of one area agreement that will replace all individual area agreements between Leagues in both Regions.

    Basically what this means is that we have simplified the process by developing one agreement that applies to all leagues in both Regions whilst giving Leagues the ability to develop by-laws to control which sections of the agreement apply and which don’t. Effectively it means Leagues have control over who they allow to compete in their competitions.

    This also means that technically speaking, clubs can borrow players on interchange from any league that this area agreement applies to. Leagues adopting this area agreements include:


    • Ballarat Football Netball League
    • Central Highlands Football League
    • Maryborough & Castlemaine District Football Netball League
    • Riddell District Football Netball League
    • Ballarat Junior Football Netball League


    • Bendigo Football Netball League
    • Loddon Valley Football Netball League
    • Heathcote & District Football Netball League
    • North Central Football Netball League
    • Bendigo Junior Football League

    A key component to this agreement is the ability to provide clubs with the final say on whether you allow your players to participate on interchange with another club. The club has the final say, not the player or parent. Obviously these decisions will be made in consultation with the player and parent however under this agreement, the final say will go with the clubs.


    Interchange Eligibility: Players must have participated in at least one home & away game in the current season with their registered club before they can become eligible to use this area agreement. That goes for players wanting to play on interchange with a club in another league.

    Finals: Each League will be allowed to make their own by-laws in relation to allowing or disallowing permit players to participate in finals matches. Check you League's by-laws.


    Getting Forms Signed: It is the responsibility of the club seeking players to play with them on interchange to get four copies of the attached form completed and signed by all parties. If it is your registered players seeking to play on interchange with another club, it should not be you who runs around getting the form completed. However, if you are the club seeking players to play with you, it is your responsibility to get the forms filled out. This must be done by 5pm on the Friday before the match.

    Entering the Permit into the System: This will now be the responsibility of the club seeking players on interchange and is easier than requesting a clearance for a player. To process a permit for players under this agreement, simply follow these instructions:

    • Log in to SportingPulse
    • Under MEMBERS, select the option REQUEST A TRANSFER/PERMIT
    • Search for the player in question using the bottom option. Enter the player’s surname and date of birth and hit the SELECT button.
    • SELECT the player in question.
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page. Under Permit Type, select 1. MATCH DAY.
    • Enter the date that the permit will apply in both the FROM and TO boxes. This needs to be the same date as you can only request this type of permit for 1 day.
    • Hit the SUBMIT PERMIT button.
    • Repeat for each time the player participates with your club.

    NOTE: DO NOT hit the button SUBMIT TRANSFER otherwise the system will process a clearance for the player in question. You do not want to clear these players, you want to PERMIT them to your club.

    Entering Permits Before Getting Paperwork Signed Off: Clubs who fail to get the relevant paperwork together may be penalised by the loss of premiership points, loss of percentage and/or even the implementation of an appropriate fine. Please make sure you get your paperwork sorted before requesting a permit online. All permit requests come through to Operations Managers as well so we will know if and when this happens.

    Download Interchange Agreement

  • Club 18 Expression of Interest

    Is your Club interested in joining the AFL Goldfields Club 18 competition next season?


    Following a successful inaugural season in 2017 and the second season in 2018, AFL Goldfields is now looking to expand the competition by welcoming in new teams ahead of the 2019 season.

    Club 18 was introduced to the Goldfields region for the first time in 2017, combining Clubs from the Ballarat FNL and the Riddell District FNL. Five teams competed in a 13-Round home & away season, with the Sunbury Lions taking out the first-ever AFL Goldfields Club 18 premiership. In 2017, the Club 18 competition consisted of the Bacchus Marsh FNC, the Sunbury Lions FNC, Diggers Rest FNC, Rockbank FNC and the Sunbury Kangaroos FNC.

    The competition provides an opportunity to play social/semi-serious competition football to those who may have been recently retired or lost to the game, for those who struggle playing at a higher level, or simply for those who cannot commit to regular training or a full season of football for various reasons.

    If you have any queries regarding the competition or the expression of interest process, please contact Mitch via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Applications can be downloaded via the link below and must be submitted by Friday, March 2019.

    Read more

  • AFL Laws of Australian Football

    This publication contains the Laws of Australian Football as administered
    and controlled by the AFL.
    (a) These Laws apply to all Matches of Australian Football organised
    and conducted by a Controlling Body.
    (b) The AFL Anti-Doping Code, as varied from time to time, shall apply
    to all persons to whom these Laws apply, unless a Controlling Body
    has adopted its own code or policy which has been approved by the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA).
    (c) The Australian Football Member Protection Policy (MPP) shall apply
    to all persons to whom these Laws apply, unless a Controlling Body has adopted its own relevant policy to replace a National Policy (as defined in the MPP) approved by the relevant Football Body (as defined in the MPP).
    Australian Football is a game played between two Teams competing in accordance with these Laws. The objective of each Team playing Australian Football is to win
    by scoring more points than the opposing Team. The winner of a Match of Australian Football is the Team which has scored, in accordance with these Laws, the greater number of points at the conclusion of the Match. A Match is drawn
    when each Team has the same number of points at the conclusion of the Match.
    These Laws explain how a Match of Australian Football is played and seek to
    attain the following objectives:
    (a) to ensure that the game of Australian Football is played in a fair
    manner and a spirit of true sportsmanship; and
    (b) to prevent injuries to Players participating in a Match so far as
    this objective can be reasonably achieved in circumstances where
    Australian Football is a body contact sport.

    Laws of Australian Football

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