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AFL Goldfields and AFL Central Vic committed to country football and netball along borderlines

AFL Goldfields and AFL Central Victoria have committed to a collaborative approach for the future of country football and netball along their borderlines.


At a meeting recently held in Maryborough, AFL Goldfields and AFL Central Vic commissioners discussed the future of a review into the area and committed to having both commissions engaged in this process.


AFL Goldfields Chairman, Paul Armstrong, stated “We are committed to the sustainability of football in our region.  We are concerned with the health of our clubs, the survival of our volunteers and creating pathways for our participants.  We are thrilled to partner with AFL Central Vic to ensure we have a united approach” said Mr. Armstrong who attended alongside fellow commissioners.


AFL Central Victoria Chairman, Nicholas Rolfe, was supportive of Mr. Armstrong’s commitment.  “Having commissions work together around boarder areas is a important approach to grassroots sport.  We all are aware of situations across the Maryborough Castlemaine area but a unified approach for the good all of clubs across multiple leagues is extremely essential”, stated Mr. Rolfe at the conclusion of the meeting


The Commissioners discussed short, medium and long term goals and barriers for country football.


“It was a great meeting and we have committed to meeting again”, said Mr.Armstrong. 


Regional General Managers of AFL Goldfields, Rod Ward, and AFL Central Victoria, Carol Cathcart, were not present at the meeting.