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COVID-19 Update and impact at AFL Goldfields

The Covid – 19 situation is moving very quickly within our industry which is clearly the case with most areas of the country.
On Thursday, AFL Vic staff were briefed by telephone and then confirmed by email the steps which are being taken by the AFL at Docklands head office, which was also recommended to be undertaken at all regional offices.
We want to stress that the business is very much open and the RAC is continuing to provide a very active service to all of our stakeholders.
In the interests of the wellbeing of all staff, and taking reasonable steps in line with the total community, we will also be undertaking the following protocols to protect against this virus as best we can. 
At this stage and until provided contrary advice we are preparing for the upcoming netball and football seasons. However we will be doing the following commencing immediately:
We will suspend all face to face meetings for AFL Goldfields staff. This measure will include the offices at both Saxon House and Arnolds Creek will be closed to club personal and members of the public until further advised.
Our League Presidents/Chairs have been updated and each have supported this action. Operations Managers for each league will work with the league president/chair and Boards to determine what events and meetings are imminent and how these will be dealt with.
We have a range of options for video and telephone conferencing available now and more are being set up at this time, so that once these are in place staff will inform all who are scheduled for meetings how these will be happening. 
At this stage there is no change to scheduled season starts in community football / netball. As soon as we are advised through Governments and health authorities of any changes we will be informing leagues and clubs.
We will immediately be starting to work with league Boards to explore what scenarios may exist if there are delays in when seasons are able to start.
Thank you for your cooperation during these unprecedented times, and assure you that as soon as we are able to return to normal business practices, we will be