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AFL Goldfields Player Points Policy 2021 - FAQs

Is a points reduction automatic for a player from 2020 into 2021?

No a player must meet the criteria of having been a player with the club in 2019 and qualified for a one point reduction for the 2020 season and then they remain registered with the 2021 season and a club must apply to the AFL Goldfields Community Club Sustainability Program sub-committee as part of its total club player point audit for 2021 to be get the additional point reduction for the player being loyal throughout 2020.


* What will the points for a player who was a four point player in 2019, and played more than five matches in 2019 for the club and then registers for 2021 be?

2019 - 4 points (More than 5 matches in the season)

2020 - 3 points (registers again for the club in 2021 without having transferred or permitted to another club in 2020)

2021 - 2 points.


* What points will a player who played in 2019, transferred out of a club in 2020, but then returns to their original club for 2021 be?

2019 - 4 points (more than five matches in the season)

2020 - transfers or permits into another club then returns to original club for 2021

2021 - 3 points

The only time this would not apply would be if the transfers result in the player being registered at three or more clubs in the previous three seasons. If this was the case there would be an additional point added to the 2021 points (4 points)

* What points will a player who transferred into the club for the cancelled 2020 season be?

2020 - 4 points (approved points for a newly transferred in player)

2021 - 4 points ( no points reduction available for the 2021 season)


How does a junior player get recognition for a season of service to the club for 2020?

If a junior player is graduating into senior football and they haven't met the home player criteria of more than 40 matches across at least three seasons due to the cancelled 2020 season their club is able to apply for consideration by the AFL Goldfields Clubs Sustainability Program sub-committee at the time of the club's player point audit.


* Does the request for juniors consideration of a missed season in 2020 need to be applied for prior to the 2021 season?

No a club should only apply for junior player consideration prior to any season when this player is graduating into senior football. Many junior players may still meet the required home player criteria in future seasons and will not require to have the cancelled 2020 season considered for their individual player points category.