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AFL Goldfields Club Development Opportunities

It was excellent last week to be able to get around and see so many enjoying the opportunity to get back to community football and netball.

It was particularly pleasing to see the efforts of so many club leaders and volunteers over the past twelve months for your club be rewarded with matches returning to the ovals and courts across the region.

Now that matches are underway it is normal for clubs to start looking towards what they can add to make their environment more successful. There will already be clubs looking at some aspects of how they do things and identifying that they could do it better.

To enable this to happen AFL Goldfields is in a position to assist with funding for clubs to undertake club development activities over the next two months.

If a club identifies there is an activity or program which they wish to undertake that will assist in any of the following areas, mental health for club members, safe use of alcohol and other drugs, club governance or leadership, strategic planning, attracting volunteers, retaining players and volunteers, improving the skills of volunteers, financial management, improving transition within the club to retain members or any other focus area within your club where you identify that development is possible these can be supported by AFL Goldfields.

Activities which will not be supported through funding are any purchases of equipment, building of facilities, consumable items, cost of services or aspects directly linked to coach or player payments.  Coaching programs are currently provided through and will not be funded through this program.

This is a program which may not be available in the future so I strongly encourage clubs to utilize this opportunity to add to the capacity of your club to service its members and make it a preferred destination for your total community. 

If you are looking to undertake any club development activity which you think will fit within this funding opportunity, please first send details on it through to me to ensure that it meets the expected criteria and funding from this club development program can be used for it. 

A short final report upon the completion to the program will be required to identify where the funding has been used and what outcomes are there from the club development activity. 

To enable an equitable distribution of the funds it might not always be possible to fully fund the development activity and funds may not be available after 30th June. So, I encourage prompt action to get your initiatives in place.

If there is anyone who wishes to speak to me in respect to this program, please feel free to contact me on 0408 563 980.

I look forward to receiving some exciting proposals of how clubs are going to take action to improve their environment for their members and create sustainable communities.

Gerard Ryan


Region Manager

AFL Goldfields