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The players eligible for selection in the McDonald's Ballarat AFL Goldfields Academy Program are from all Leagues affiliated with AFL Goldfields. The Academy is proudly supported by the Western Bulldogs FC and McDonald's Ballarat.

The McDonald's Ballarat AFL Goldfields Academy will be an elite development program for approximately 45 players at each age group and will include the leading young footballers from across the Ballarat FNL, Central Highlands FL and the Maryborough Castlemaine DFNL.

Some of the objectives of this junior program will be as follows:

Increase the depth of talent within the Ballarat FNL, CHFL and MCDFNL Junior competitions through exposing more players to a higher level of coaching and participation than is available in their home clubs.
Increase the standard of competition within the various junior leagues through up skilling more players with the confidence and coaching to play at a higher standard.
Expand the opportunity for more players to be considered for interleague representation
Develop a pathway for prospective inter league players without limiting the scope of the programs reach.
The Academy is designed to complement the various Interleague Programs in the same way that the Interleague Program complements the elite programs within the TAC pathways.
At representative level we strive to influence the on-field behaviour of young players. Through the Academy we hope to extend this influence and reach.
Extend and improve the quality of coaching within the Ballarat FNL, CHFL and MCDFNL Junior competitions by involving more coaches in the Academy than can typically be catered for at Interleague level. In doing so we aspire to –Provide a forum for coaches to be exposed to and mentored by more senior and experienced coaches, ideally influencing their behaviours in a positive manner when coaching at local or representative level
Provide a forum for coaches to interact and build relationships between clubs
Promote appropriate behaviour from coaches to players
The operation of the AFL Goldfields Junior Academy will fall under the direction of the AFL Goldfields Football Development Managers, and will be supported where possible by Nth Ballarat Rebels. The program will be delivered by coaches with previous interleague experience, or they will be identified as appropriate Coaches to aid and assist in Junior Development.  An overall Head Coach will set the direction of the Program and the training to be completed for each of the sessions.

Clubs will be asked to nominate players based on their performance throughout the season with Ballarat FL Juniors to have a minimum of 30 players, CHFL and MCDFL players will make up the remainder of each squad.

  • Under 12

    Club Player Name
    Bacchus Marsh Harrison Scardamaglia
    Bacchus Marsh Armi Wakefield
    Bacchus Marsh Zach Dalli
    Bacchus Marsh Angus Morgan
    Bacchus Marsh James Oliver
    Ballarat Storm Flynn Duggan
    Ballarat Storm Murphy Skinner
    Ballarat Swans Ethan Drever
    Ballarat Swans Jessie O'Neill
    Ballarat Swans Henry Liston
    Ballarat Swans Jackson O'Brien
    Darley Kai Watkins
    Daylesford Tate Koleski
    Daylesford Brendan Monaghan
    East Point Jy Phelps
    East Point Fergus Toose
    East Point George Reinehr
    East Point Riley Hiscock
    Gordon Leo Card
    Lake Wendouree Lachlan Squire
    Lake Wendouree Archie Todd
    Lake Wendouree Sam Gibson
    Lake Wendouree Aiden Wiltsher
    Mt Clear Sean Mason
    Mt Clear Emerson Vallance
    Mt Clear Andrew Gittins
    Mt Clear Ethan Kuchel
    Mt Clear Archie Bennett
    Newlyn Ned Charleson
    North Ballarat Will Palmer
    North Ballarat Jake Abrams
    North Ballarat Rye Stewart
    North Ballarat Jacob Hutchinson
    North Ballarat Cooper Beseler
    Redan Ben Crellin
    Redan Thomas Faull
    Redan George Charles
    Redan Jake Connolly
    Sebastopol Payson Dean
    Sebastopol Izaac Kopke-Veldhuis
  • Under 13

    Club Player Name
    Avoca Campbell Blair 
    Bacchus Marsh Flynn Smith
    Ballarat Swans Cooper Glenwright
    Ballarat Swans Sam Sutton
    Ballarat Swans Deacon Perkins 
    Ballarat Swans Nash McGrath
    Bungaree Charlie Elliott
    Carisbrook Cooper Mark
    Darley Archie Colbron
    Darley Lucas Closter
    East Point Dylan Hiscock
    East Point Billy Kirby
    East Point Paddy Mihaljevic
    Gordon Liam Lynch
    Gordon James Reynolds
    Lake Wendouree Lachlan McPhan
    Lake Wendouree Ethan Dartnell
    Lake Wendouree Will Reid
    Lake Wendouree Declan Clark
    Mt Clear Fraser Molan
    Mt Clear Ray Glover
    Mt Clear Joe Foley
    North Ballarat Taj Bowman
    North Ballarat Jackson McInerney
    North Ballarat Baxter Horsburgh
    North Ballarat Daniel Norton
    North Ballarat Bond Ripper
    Redan Ryan Kroussoratis
    Redan Max Frazer
    Redan Sam Kallio
    Redan Will McCahon
    Redan Tynan Craig – Peters
    Sebastopol Elliot Bushell
    Sebastopol Harvey Lewis
    Sebastopol Izaac Ash 
  • Under 14

    Club Player Name
    Avoca Geordie Gallop
    Bacchus Marsh Mitchell Gardiner
    Ballan Tom Cox
    Ballarat Swans Jeremy Lovel
    Ballarat Swans Sam McDonald
    Ballarat Swans Harpur Adam
    Beaufort Charles Chandler
    Buninyong Sam Battistella
    Darley Jayven Tanner
    Darley Seth Fawcett
    Darley Deacon Fawcett
    Daylesford Zack Koleski
    Daylesford Adam Leonard
    East Point Kaian Constable
    East Point Will Stevens
    East Point Jacob Britt
    East Point Ned Renfree
    East Point Archie Caldow
    East Point Harry Charleson
    Lake Wendouree Nick Salter
    Lake Wendouree Oscar Wootton
    Lake Wendouree Lachie Heath
    Lexton Nedd Bennett
    Mt Clear Jarrod Joyce
    Mt Clear Brayden Joyce
    Newlyn Brodie Tallent
    Newlyn Josh Rofe
    North Ballarat Zane Attard
    North Ballarat Mason Young
    North Ballarat Hugh Trigg
    Redan Riely Collins
    Redan Floyd Burmeister
    Redan Jonty Faull
    Sebastopol Wylie Anderson
    Sebastopol Campbell Lloyd
    Skipton Andy Wills
  • Under 15

    Club Player Name
    Bacchus Marsh Joshua Huxtable
    Bacchus Marsh Ethan McKercher
    Bacchus Marsh Andrew Erhardt
    Bacchus Marsh Callum Smith
    Ballarat Swans Zach Haintz
    Ballarat Swans Jack O'Brien
    Ballarat Swans Jack Harwood
    Darley Taine Powell
    Darley Nicholas Cadman
    Daylesford Tyson Scoble
    East Point Lachlan Charleson
    East Point Fred Valpied
    East Point Ryder Lavery
    East Point Declan Jones
    Gordon Dylan Anderson
    Lake Wendouree Tom Steenhuis
    Learmonth Tyrone Lever
    Maryborough Rovers Damon Nitschke
    Mt Clear Liam Mason
    Mt Clear Kobe Hughes
    Mt Clear Jack Coffey
    Mt Clear Alex Molan
    North Ballarat Angus Watson
    North Ballarat Harvey Driscoll
    North Ballarat Lachie Abrams
    North Ballarat Charlie Darbin
    Redan Zach Lang
    Redan Khy Jess
    Redan Sam Litras
    Redan Rory Gunsser
    Redan Bailey Carroll
    Redan Harry Ryan
    Redan Blake Kelly
    Redan Gabriel Kalouche
    Sebastopol Harry Miller
    Sebastopol Austin Richardson
    Waubra James Skelton

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