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The AFL Goldfields Trainers Association (formerly known as the BRTA) was originally set up to provide club Trainers with an Association where common practices could be discussed and clubs could assist each other with the provision of Trainer services through the recruitment of new Trainers and research methods to retain current Trainers.

Not much has changed with the AFLGTA today as the Association is still seeking to provide its members with the same services and industry practices. Only difference now is that the Association will be overseen by the staff of AFL Goldfields as opposed to volunteers who have worked tirelessly in the past to keep the Association going. These volunteers will now be free to concentrate on what they do best, and that is to provide a service to clubs, players and support staff at their clubs.

The main purpose for bringing the AFLGTA administration into the Regional Administration Centre (RAC) is to free up the time of volunteers who have kept the Association running for the past 20 years. By bringing the Association into the RAC, it also takes away the administrative burden that comes with having to run such an organisation. Membership forms and information dissemination can now be controlled by the RAC and Club Trainers will have a central point of contact should they require any assistance with Trainer related matters.

The goal by the end of each season is to have suitably qualified and registered Trainers at each Senior and Junior club across all leagues administered by AFL Goldfields for the entire season. By making sure this happens, the AFLGTA will be playing a crucial role in lifting the level of professionalism at clubs whilst assisting clubs to recruit and retain suitably qualified Trainers.

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